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    ICRAS 2017

    ICRAS 2017于2017年8月26-29号在香港成功举办,与会专家围绕“机器人与自动化科学”这一主题的未来发展开展讲话,与来自世界各地的专家学者共同探讨这一领域的科研动态及发展趋势。 会议期间参会人员访问了位于香港中文大学内的机械·机器人实验室,并在工作人员引导下参观了校园。

    ICRAS 2017 was held in HK during Aug 26-29, 2017. Participants from different countries presented the conference. The subjects of the oral presentation sessions include?Robot design and system testing, Sensor principle and signal processing, Computer science and communication networks, and Control theory and control system. Poster sessions:?Robot design and motion control & Control system design and optimization. The conference program also includes?Lab visiting & Campus tour?in?The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    Conference Proceedings of ICRAS 2017 has been included into IEEE Xplore

    The ICRAS 2017 Conference Proceedings has been indexed by EI Compendex and SCOPUS, the record is as below.

    Lab Visiting Photo 1 / Lab Visiting Photo 2 / Lab Visiting Photo 3

    Conference Photos

    Excellent Paper Presentation

    Session One - Design of Auto Detection System for High-voltage Insulator Inspection Robot
    Presented by Y. Z. Jing From SouthWest JiaoTong University, China

    Session Two - Gabor Filter and Gershgorin Disk-based Convolutional Filter Constraining for Image Classification
    Presented by Vijay JohnFrom Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

    Session Three - Impact of Defect Velocity at Class Level
    Presented by Ebubeogu Amarachukwu Felix From UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA, MALAYSIA

    Session Four - A Map- Based Lateral and Longitudinal DGPS/DR Bias Estimation Method for Autonomous Driving
    Presented by SWARN SINGH RATHOUR From Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

    Session Four - The build of high speed gas flow calibration system based on dual buffer tanks and parallel standard meters
    Presented by Yuezhong Li From East China University of Technology, China